I read on my Facebook today about Cheesefare Sunday in Bulgaria (I belong to a Bulgarian storytellers/folklore group): http://bnr.bg/en/post/100800698/cheesefare-sunday-a-time-to-forgive-a-time-to-rejoice

Can someone explain more about this practice?

The arrows young men shoot into the yards of their beloved in the night, were also set on fire. These arrows were made especially for the purpose long before Sirnitsa, and the archers would start training on Athanasius Day, January 18. Before they were shot, the tips of the arrows were set on fire. The young men would shoot them in the direction of the houses of their beloved with specially made poles. The fiery messages would sear through the dark and anyone could trace their path and see where they fall. On the following morning, the girls of marriageable age would go out into the yard with their parents to count the arrows. The lass who got the greatest number of these “love messages” was the envy of all; nobody envied a girl who got no arrows. 


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