Extint Roman church with gaveyard from the 11th century in a village Podhorany-Sokolníky, close to the town Nitra

In August 1096 started on 1st Crusade, which was attended primarily lower feudal lords. They tried to acquire dominions in the East and to gain influence and wealth. Expedition consisted of four smaller expeditions, which came from several cities in Europe. Each group walked over land from spring 1096 through the Principality of Nitra, within a new state in Central Europe – Hungary. One turbulent current that passed around Trenčín from Moravia to Slovakia, where the loot was then defeated in the near Nitra in June. Expeditions attended together 330 000 Crusaders. This figure is confirmed by the Bishop of Nitra Viliam Judák, who wrote that there was killed about 4,000 people and church property was being destroyed.

Church property was being destroyed because around Nitra were built Orthodox churches in which was Mass in the old Slovak language in 1085. At that time, monks came to Nitra from the canceled Sázava monastery of Bohemia.

This National monument is probably a relic of significant building that was built in the 11th century after passing the participants 1st crusade. Based on a small base next to probe the original church, it is likely that within this church was formerly another important object. In all three parts of the church are noticeably used travertine blocks. Archaeological research was terminated in 1966, but this does not address those structural elements or remnants of stone fences on the dimensions of 45 x 90 meters. According to the source " Nitra – Príspevky k najstarším dejinám mesta, AÚ SAV Nitra 1993", increased apse and masonry walls corresponding to the higher level of social environment and functional significance. The ruins of the church. Saint Michael, correspond to such assessment.

In 2005, the Union of Pensioners of Slovakia – Basic Organization Podhorany leased this object with a term of 16 years. In 2007 they made a larger adjustment, which included cleaning the object from plants, alignment of the terrain, road repair and installation of sign of the National monument.




Source: http://www.geocaching.com

My note: The churches in that time were very small, because they served to monks and nobility mostly. The fact that Crusaders plundered Principality of Nitra (Slovakia) and Moravia – thus the core areas of previous state of Magna Moravia, means that the Roman pope and Western European states (namely the Holy Roman Empire) considered these lands to be their enemies. And indeed, Great Moravia with its greatest King Svätopluk the I who defeated Franks several times, was the enemy of Franks/Germans.
First Christian churches in Slovakia were Orthodox. Complete Romanization – Latinization of the Church in Hungarian kingdom started in the 13th century. The remnants of the Orthodox Church in Slovakia can be seen in the east Slovakia among Greek Catholic Rusyns and Slovaks.


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