oh who is author of that text :)

but orthodox church as we know it didnt exist back then… what we know today as catholic and orthodox was one united church
old slovak language? not rather old church slavic, or church slavic? i think they are based on dialect from thessaloniki area and old bulgarian, respectively :)
and there isnt mass in orthodox churches

In 1085 there was orthodox Churhch. Great Schism – 1054. Altough in time of Slavic apostols there was great strife among Constantiople (which Patriarch sent Saint Brothers) and Rome (which Pope eventualy forbade Slavic liturgies.) Old bulgarian was turkic not Slavic language. Bulgarians were not still assimliated in that name. Boris, Persijam, Kubrat, Asparuh – not Slavic names (I do not enter wheather they were Turkic or Iranian, but their language and names were Turkic).
My point is autor is imprecise, but not necessarily wrong.


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