Evidence of the South Slavs, in particular the Croats migrating from the ancestral home in Poland to Dalmatia is also displayed in folk narratives, and also in historical fact. The folk narrative describes five Slavic brothers and two sisters that lead the Croats from the area around Krakow in Poland into the Balkans in the 7th century. Are these epic tales of heroic migrations a coincidence? Not according to historical fact. It is also interesting to note that it is historical fact the first kingdom of Croatia, White Croatia, was not situated in Dalmatia but in Poland, Bohemia and Slovakia. It's capital was Krakow. Indeed White Croatian figures played a pivotal role in early history of the Polish and Bohemian Kingdoms. Even the first canonised patron saint of Poland, St. Wojciech; 'Wojciech of the Slavs' was indeed a White Croatian.

Thanks, Wilkolak, for this info. So many times in my life people have asked me if I was Polish – even people from Poland ask if I'm from there!
Also my uncle who was born in Croatia told me he heard tales that our family ancestors came from Poland many ages ago.