No. Anyway, Semitic peoples live on Middle East, and Arabians for example, use foriegn, Aramaic based abugid. Also Copts use Greek alphabet. All this insisting on "native" script is silly.
Oh, dont forget Coreans and Japanese use Chinese script. Also Vietnamese. Indian devanagari script traces origins to Persia, and ultimately to Phoenicians.

[size=12pt]YES.[/size] I didn't say Semitic peoples don't live in the Middle-east. That was my point; they use their own native writing system. On Arabs; they belong to the same family as Semites. The writing system comes from the Phoenician script.
What do I care about Copts or Arabs, in any case?

I don't want Slavs to settle for less, as we have been doing.
Latin and Cyrillic are just plain ugly.
We deserve better.
So, wanting a 'native' script is not silly, but necessary.