So today we have two schools of thought today in Russia? Euro-asianism vs Euro-Sibirianism?

[img width=700 height=210]http://www.ljplus.ru/img4/r/e/rem_lat/_EvroSibir.JPG” />


Seems like the second map can be a bit incorrect. The majority of modern Russia's Euro-asianists include into their hypothetical Eurasian Union all ex-Soviet states plus likely Serbia, I have no information if they want union with other Slavic countries of the former Warsaw Pact called "traitors".

At this point in history both options are not feasible or even desirable. In the first case Russians have chance to get lots of fags and eurabians from Europe, at the second option Europe will know such civilisated nations as uzbeks, tajiks, afghans, turkmens, kirghizes better


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