I would say it's the Anglo-Saxon culture that has influenced all of West Europe's cultures. I have grown up in an area of Canada with a lot of Anglo-Saxons where I would say 1/4 of them are from the UK. I have also been all over Central Europe, especially Poland and from my experience, I would say that Anglo-Saxon culture produces more negative traits in people like greed, selfishness, pretentiousness, cynicism, lower moral standards and they are a lot more callous and diplomatic in personal relations than other Europeans. I remember reading somewhere (maybe this forum) that Brits and Germans are the most cynical people in Europe.

You can see this in the North American Anglo-Saxon culture and not just the UK where there are a lot more assholes than elsewhere. Has anyone ever heard of chavs? Groups of young people in the UK that go around harassing people and vandalizing property. It's a big social problem in the UK and it's a perfect example of a culture that lacks morals and discipline. This also extends to north american Anglo-Saxon culture where it's cool to be stupid and unfriendly.

Yes, imo England, USA and Australia (all heavily Anglo-Saxon influenced countries) are that what feels western. Not really much to like about. When talking about Germany (lower Saxons) for example, i just don't get that "western" feeling to it, Germany is more like Central Europe with much different mindset and people than that in the named "Westerners".


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