I'm assuming ( right or wrong ) we are talking about contemporary Western Culture. There are a lot of things I like about Western Culture of the gone days, how about The Founding Fathers of the U.S. of A.? Thomas Jefferson was a very wise man who loved freedom, one of the greatest men ever. Their work, their writings are great legacy to their wisdom. So, I do appreciate their contributions. No doubt they drew inspiration from Solon The Greek, founder of democracy and other great statesmen. So I can't dislike Western Civilization as a whole, I would have to dislike myself. Let's fast forward to the present. Nowadays just about all Western Civilization is based on greed, selfishness and indulgence of the senses. It's decadent, rotten, unethical and it reeks to high heavens for the most part. Not much we Slavs should like or emulate. This is where exercising wisdom is imperative for us to avoid their fate. I say let's take the best they have to offer and discard all the garbage. I wish them well though, if anything else they are the lesser of two evils, imagine them being totalitarian and fanatical. That must be avoided. Let's give them our moral support in their struggle to get back on track.


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