MY favorite games are old for todays standards;

Pitfall The Mayan Adventure
Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine
Age of Empires I & II
Majesty The Fantasy Kingdom Sim & The Northern Expansion
Soldier of Fortune

Basicaly Soldier of Fortune is not just legendary but also revolutionary game for being extreamly realistic especialy if we consider that it was made in 2000. This quote tells it all;

Shoot someone in the foot, they hop around for a moment yelping in pain. Shoot someone in the throat, they grasp at their throat, gurgle, and fall to the floor. They don't always die, however. I walked around one room for five minutes trying to figure out where a soft slurping sound was coming from only to find that one of my targets was on the floor, alive, yet gurgling softly through a hole in his throat. Nice touch. You can even shoot the gun from someone's hands if your aim is good enough.”

I tell you Soldier of Fortune is worth playing even today.