Just got Dota 2 beta key ;D

Did anyone here got invited to Dota 2 we could form a SSS (Super Slavic Squad) and dominate the Anglo-Germanic beetches.

Dota 2 failed… They keep to strictly to the dota model instead of implementing HoN features.

HoN failed, thats why they started implimenting the LoL model. I had HoN when it was b2p and then it sucked…
While Dota 2 has the Valve seal of aproval, GABE NEWELL FTW

2,4 Gigs left :D

Razumeces o cemu pricam. Nazalost Valve previse slusa retardirane Dota igrace. Ja sam igrao Dotu, Dota 2 i HoN mogu ti reci da je HoN skroz druga igra.