Sadly this thread seems to have died out…anyway, some more good stuff:

Anyone who likes Black/Doom should check out Abyssmal Sorrow from Australia:

Abyssmal Sorrow – Austere Lament Part 2 (Full W/ Lyrics)

Abyssmal Sorrow – Requiem For The Dying Moon

Abyssmal Sorrow – Bound In Lifeless Affliction

A brilliant soundtrack for the time after armaggedon is delivered by Void of Silence from Italy:

Void Of Silence – Temple Of Stagnation (DFMI MMX)

Void Of Silence – Apt Epitaph (UNCUT)

Void Of Silence – The Grave Of Civilization (cut)

A band which I don't have any cool slogan for but which is awesome nontheless is The Slow Death, also from Australia:

The Slow Death – "The Slow Death"

The Slow Death – The Prodigal Son

The Slow Death – Sickness


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