You mean the first one of this branch? Well I know that there was a “mezalians” (I dont know english equvalent for this word) in my family amd a woman of aristocratic blood married a normal Kashebian guy. It wasnt so long ago ,simply few generations. She was probably already “poor”. From what I know house in Gostomia had other owners after Gostomski family so I think no one in this family own anything. On my mothers side for example sister of my grandpa married a Winarski ,man who had lots of lands after ancestors but lost everything during occupations. Same with Polish politician Robert Winnicki from Kresy Wschodnie. Communists have stole all the land from the nobles , especially aristocrats.
Btw. My woman have also Jakusz crest from the mothers side. We are probably related ,as most Kashebians are.


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