Insurrectionary picket

I am a vagabond pauper
Master of my own fate
They changed for me that space
Into well-trodden routes.

Day after day
Day after day
I walk the great track of foreign armies
Night after night
Night after night
The other side of the world feeds the glows

I know only that
There were too much of them to speak a lot
They laughed out loud
When I threatened them by a stick for they’ll make my world dusty

I am a vagabond pauper
I am not acquainted with the army
Yet only a few
Today, speak Polish language

Look there
Look there
The homeland lies down under your glance
Look there
Look there
Don’t be afraid to take a glance on your shadow

The thunder trots from there
The whirlwinds and stormy clouds upon a plain
It holds the death
More deadly than death by nature

I am a vagabond pauper
I can’t give you an advise
I’ll escort to the underground
A crowd of people similiar to you

It’s enough trampled already
And it doesn’t cover the bodies
You’ll pass, I’ll remain
An emmisary of continuance


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