Pieśń Konfederatów Barskich/Canto of Bar Confederates (written by Polish poet Juliusz Słowacki in a drama “Ksiądz Marek”, this version was played in movie “Pogarda”)

We will never be in alliances with the kings,
We will never bow before the power,
As we are on Christ’s order,
Servants of Mary.

So although the world will craze and the sun will shake,
Although the clouds and seas will puff up,
Although on dragons the armies will fly –
We will not be appaled.

God of our fathers is today with us,
So he will not let us fall in any defeat.
As he was with our fathers,
They were victorious.

So we will not plunge in any wolf’s burrow,
We will not dread before hardrock’s reign,
As we know that even the tombs themselves
Will give us to God.

With the skylarks we woke up to work
And we will go sleep past afterglow,
But in the tombs we are still soldiers
And God’s regiment.

As who trusted Lord Christ
And walked on holy country’s enslistment,
He will arise de profundis*
From a dark barrow.

God is our refuge and anchor,
As long as he stays with us, whole hells will fracture –
Neither the fire dragons will scare,
Nor dread us.

The hunger will not broke us, nor any grief.
We will not pay tribute to any homage of the world,
As we went to Christ’s enlistment,
On his pay.

* de profundis – from Latin, means “from the depths”


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