"Pieprz" + "jebać" and "pierdolić" are probably the most versatile words in Polish :)

They can be used in a great many contexts in various forms to express the whole swath of human emotion. And the funny thing is that "pieprz" by itself, means "pepper."

Wybacz, że się spóźniłem, ale taki kurwa cygan zajebał mi furę i musiałem tu przypierdolić pieprzonym tramwajem. :)

I especially liked when one young cleric in Poland wanted to attract the youth to religion and there was even a motto "Jezus jest zajebisty". :) Yup, here, "zajebisty" has quite a positive connotation, kinda youth's slang, but still it sounds somewhat like a blasphemy. ;D
Well, were here anybody who had suggested Russian obscenities? ::)