Russian is no less rich with morphological variations of the word "yebat'" and derivatives
yebat means not only having sex but alsorocketing or reprimanding somebody heavily
viyebat' – the same in both connotations but with the final effect
yebat'sya (with reflexive -sya-) to have a long and dull work
nayebat' – to fool somebody over, cheat
nayebnut' – to hit somebody
nayebnut'sya to fall down of have hit on something
raz'yebat – to destroy something
s'yebat'(sya) to flee, run away
pri'yebat'sya – to stick up to somebody, to tease somebody, to netter
doyebat'sya – the same as above
viyobyvat'sya – to boast (negative connotation)
poyebat'! – Often in the meaning "I don't care!"
zayebat' – to annoy somebody
zayebat'sya – to get tired
Zayebis'! – Everything is OK!
v'yebat' – to hit strongly
Yebanut'sya! – Wow! Gosh! That's awsome!
Ne yebat'sya! – the same as above!
Yob tvoyu mat'! – F…ck you!
Ot'yebis'! – F…ck off!
Uyebishche, uyeban. uyeben'! – F….cking jerk, idiot, cretin.
Yebalo, yebal'nik – face, mouth

Well said, bro  :D I have nothing to add.. Vsyo zayebis'!