It's really sad to hear what is happening in Canada. Sounds identical situation as what is happening now in Australia.
It almost seems like main goal is for white European colonies to turn into South Africa. ::)
When did Europeans and their colonial descendents lose their balls so quickly to PC? >:(

Unfortunately, the massive influx of Asians (Chinese, Mid East, Indian, Filipino, etc) and (to a lesser extent) Africans and South American Hispanics, is happening in all Western countries. In the USA, the Whites move away from downtowns as non-Whites move in so that you can still find majority White areas. This is called 'White Flight.' In Canada, we are 'too nice' to do this. When I visited Toronto recently, the (minority) Whites were living among all other races even in far away suburbs and countryside small towns. My cousins had a brand new house in Stoufville, Ontario (a long drive from Toronto) and the next door neighbours on one side were East Indian and their other next door neighbours were Chinese. All races, religions living together. Well the good part is we do live in peaceful harmony.

It is my belief that this racial harmony will only last as long as the Canadian economy is doing well and everyone has jobs and living well. As soon as the economy becomes strained and Canada starts loosing its place as one of the most developed nations on earth this current racial harmony will be gone. Even in Toronto I have witnessed some confrontations between newly arrived Muslims and Jews, nothing serious yet but a taste of what could come.

In the case of the Cronulla Beach Riot, much of that was the result of Middle Eastern youth who bypassed unofficial segregation and were on Cronulla Beach (in most Australian cities, the property near the beach is the most expensive real estate and hence is where the whites tend to live).  The end result, you had a lot of Middle Easterners who would constantly (everyday) hang out on the beach, gawk at women in Bikinis and pick fights with young men.  And eventually, that's going to result in a lot of tension building up.

Such a thing is almost never possible in Canada, the beaches are generally too cold for most of the year and, beyond a Hockey Game, there's rarely a reason for someone to leave their respective 'Ghetto'.