This is ‘Bilyy hryb’ (white mushroom in Ukr / Beletus edulis in Latin) or ‘Porcini’ in north America. Or it could be ‘Bilyy hryb sitchastyy / borovyk sitchastyy’ (Boletus reticulatus) .

There are many species of Beletus all look similar growing under different trees and climates. People usually call them bely hryb/bilyy hryb or  borovik/baravik in Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Belarus.

Some inexperienced people mistake edible ‘Boletus’ species or ‘rough-stemmed bolete’ (Leccinum scabrum) that often grows around birch trees  for ‘bitter bolete’ (Tylopilus felleus). But it’s easy to tell these mushrooms apart.


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