Slavic immigration
is hardly a problem in America nowadays. Slavic communities in America are
disappearing. Look at Detroit for example.

The Detroit suburb
of Hamtramck, Michigan used to be 90 percent Polish-American and overwhelmingly
Catholic. But most of the Poles moved out after the struggles of the U.S. auto
industry. Now, immigration from Yemen, Bangladesh, and Bosnia has transformed
the town of 22,000 residents into the nation’s first majority Muslim community.
It’s also the first to elect a majority Muslim council. The transition was
sometimes tense—beginning in 2004, the town gave a local mosque permission to
broadcast the 6 a.m. call to prayer from loudspeakers. Some residents—and
anti-Muslim voices on the internet—accused the council of planning to usher in
sharia law. But city councilor Saad Almasmari says he represents all Hamtramck
residents in accordance with local laws and the Constitution: “It was a
political election, not a religious one.” His goal, he says, isn’t to make the
city more Muslim but to “bring more financial resources to the city.”


Mayor Karen Majewski says that Hamtramck is a place where diverse people “live
next to each other, but not in some idealized Kumbaya, Disney World kind of
way. It sometimes gets contentious, but we deal with it.”


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