I've never meet Sorbs in Internet, even many ethnic Germans don't know about their existance. It looks like they are totally assimilated  😮

The Minister-President of the German state of Saxony is a Sorb, Stanisław Tillich. In Saxony it is not uncommon to see bilingual street signs and such. The Sorbs are definitely not fully assimilated, though they do not have their own state and must learn German by default. In a sense, Slavs, and in particular the western Slavs, have always been multilingual as a result of their position between powers. It is also pretty cool to see a defined Slav group in German lands. You just can't keep the Slavs down!

I know a guy who originates from Bautzen/Budyšin (Upper Lusatia) who has a Slavic surname, it's possible that he has a Sorbic or at least partially Sorbic background.


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