LOL haven't seen this before  :D.

Yes, it was English/French plan of making "principality of Holmia (Brda)", catholic state between Serbia and Montenegro, including Serbian regions of Raska (Sanjak), Northern Albania and eastern Hercegovina.
Planned ruler was Nikola Radonjic Vasojevic, born in the 1797, in Lopate, Vasojevici.
Such a state would prevent physical contact of Serbia and Montenegro, and thus their planned unification.

Vasojevići may revive the idea, only this time as a bridge to the mother Serbia.

What would be if we declare "Principality of Vasojevići" with the capital Andrijevica or Berane? :)


If they included all seven Highland tribes (Vasojevici, Bjelopavlici, Piperi, Kuci, Moraca, Rovci, and Bratonozici), it could be called "The Principality of Holmia (Brda)".



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