Few statements :

"…Montenegro was never completely conquered by the Ottoman Empire – the latter as only interested in controlling the coast and two valleys…"

"…In fact, it was only area in the Balkans that was never  conquered by the Ottoman Empire…."

"…Nestled inside a fortress of rugged mountains, the small country of Montenegro (Black Mountains) was a refuge for many against the advancing Turks throughout the reign of the Ottoman Empire. It was, indeed, one of the areas the Turks never conquered, a conspicuous lump in any map of the Turkish empire…"

From Courtesy of "Serb Land of Montenegro"

"… In many occasions Turks have tried to conquer Montenegrins, but God has not allowed it, although they (Turks) subordinated large part of Montenegro under rule of their sultan…"

"… The number of Montenegrin warriors who live free on the peaks of Montenegro, called by Turks disobedient, does not get over 5000…"

"…In Montenegro does not exist any fortress, but it is mighty because it is stony and waterless, surrounded by impassable mountains. Thus it exists 387 (368) years after the destruction of Serb empire. Turks have never  conquered it…"

Some more :

"…The end of the Serbian Despotate in 1459 was followed by the demise of the Kingdom of Bosnia (1463). The Ottoman Empire now ruled not only over all Serbs, except those in Montenegro…"

"…Montenegro, which emerged as an independent principality after the death of Dusan, waged continual guerrilla war on the Turks, and never was conquered. But the Turkish threat did force Prince Ivan of Montenegro to move his capital high into the mountains. There, he founded a monastery and set up a printing press. In 1516 Montenegro became a theocratic state…."

"… Although Cetinje was sacked 3 times in the late 17th and then early 18th century, the Turks were never able to subjugate the Montenegrins…."

"…Much of today's Montenegro was under Ottoman control from 1498 to 1699, while coastal Montenegro was under Venetian control and central Montenegro (Upper Zeta) was independent…"

Is this enough ? Why do you sound so jealous when you talk about it Dervan you should be glad that there was one part of world that resisted Muslims, and don't forget that my ancestors are from Serbi, actually one of them was captain in Serbian army in battle for Kosovo  ;).

Good job Veles!


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