Montenegro is Italian name for Crna Gora. It was verry small roughly corresponding modern muncipality of Cetinje. Ivan Crnojević lord of Zeta, transfered his seat in Cetinje, where he built monastery and castle. That monastery became seat of Serbian Metropolitan of Zeta. That Metropolis was third seat in Serbian Church after Peć and Skoplje. Bishops were spirtiuala and sometimes secular leaders of Montnegro. From end of 17th century and Metropolitan Danilo all Metropolitans were members of Petrović broterhood of Njeguši tribe. Njeguši were descendants of family from Bosna – Bogutovići. Metropolitans were exarchs of Patriarch of Peć same as Metropolitans of Dabar and all Bosna (they were allowed to conduct episcopal ordainings in name of Patriarch). They were verry zealous Serbian antionalists and were refusing to accept Ottoman imposed patriarchs from Phanar. (Danilo went in Austrai to exiled ex-Patriarch Arsenije III descendant of Crnojevići noble family, Saint Peter went in Karlovci also to be ordained by Metropolitan Mojsije Putnik).
After 1851, Montenegro Petrovići took secular power. They had unrealistic goal to gather all Serbs under their rule. But despite rivalry between Serbian and Montengrin dynasties, Montenegro was defined as Serbian state in its constitution and it allways sided with Serbia. 1918 Montenegro people accepted union with Serbia and Serbian dinasty. Because of Karađorđevići's support for White Emigration, USSR and Kominterna invented Montenegrins as separate nation. In WWII Montnengrins were either Četniks or Partizans as other Serbs. Verry few were zelenaši. Prince Mirko Petrović refused few Italian offers to be king of Montenegro. He stated allways I am Serb and I am loyal to my relatives, Kings of Yugoslavia. Unfortunatley his son rejected father's ethnicity. 1952 Tito declared Montenegrins nation. But even then most Montenegrins considered themselves as rather sub-ethnos of Serbs than separte nation.
In 1990 pair of tobac smugglers Momir Bulatović and Milo Đukanović came to rule in Montengro with support of Serbian last communist mochkian Slobodan Milošević. In 1997 they were not able to agree on division of profit so they separted. One of them was supported by Milošević, so othere started to think about resurecting communist monstruosity called Montenegrin nation. He get support from US because their anti-communist wiews. That mobster is now rulling Montenegro for more than 20 years (altough now informaly). In 2006 he as awrded with independence from his mentors.
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