I dont understand just one thing with the Bosnians here…. maybe im wrong, but why are you fighting for Christianity? It is not European, its not Slavic…

I don't fight for any religion, unless it's being wrongly portrayed as something it's not.

2. Why dont you fight for the white people in the world? I see the German same as the Polak.

I fight for everyone who deserves it and needs it, not just white people.

3. Why dont you fight for nationalization of Bosnia?

I think some nationalisation of the Bosnian economy will be good, but some corporations are best held by foreigners who do that particular business best (eg, some auto companies are best in the hands of the Germans).

4. Why are you hiding? I am Nationalsocialist for example an many knows my name

I'm not hiding, I'm just not a Nation Socialist, I'm more of a Libertarian.