Something I have always wondered about is why people here are so against Turks.
Now I understand they oppressed us for hundreds of years, but there were some good things as well.
For example Stari Most in Mostar that was built when the Ottomans controled BiH.
Now I mean,I don't support the Bosnjaks thinking the Turks are our brothers and junk like that cause they arn't…
Serbs and Croats are closer brothers than the Arabs and Turks will ever be…

People are not realistic here,few days ago i listened to a serbian historian,and he spoke so nice about one of the sultans..i mean they did occupy us,but lets just see things from their perspective,they did not do anything extraordinary negative because in those days it was normal

But of course i am glad we are not part of the empire anymore,we had our bad days and good days there…i think after the 18th century,the bad days were great majority..which is whywe also have Husein beg who fought against the turks


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