You mean Sandžak.
Anyway i think you Serbs made mistake after collapse of Yu. Instead on Bosnia you would have to focus on Kosovo.

Sandzak is an area in Turkish language. All areas were called Sandzak this or Sandzak that. I don't know why this area is the only one left with the name "Area". But in Serbia, this area is called "Raska oblast" (Raska as one of the first serbian states).

Anyway, we should have a focus on Kosovo, but that would not help a lot. On the other hand, do you want to say that we should forgot about our Bosnia? Even if we all in Serbia did that, what about bosnian Serbs? Do you really think they would let Muslims or Croats cut their troats and killing them with a hammers AGAIN?

Unfortunately the Bosnian Muslim people, which I today believe had no intention in leaving Yugoslavia, were the biggest victims of this Mujahideen lunatic, whose legacy still poisons the Bosniak youth to this day on.

There was already a peace agreement signed by Bosnian and Sebians, and then Americans called Alija and told him to withdraw his signature from this agreement, which he did that and thats how the war in Bosnia started.