The Bosnian war began because Yugoslavia (what was left of it) didn't recognise Bosnian's independence, and the president of SR Serbia (Milosevic) began arming Bosnian Serbs and encouraging separatism in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Or you could go earlier than that and blame it on a chain reaction caused by Slovenian declaration of independence.

1. So, peace agreement wasn't signed before the war started, and Alija did not withdraw his signature from peace agreement ?

2. Why would Yugoslavia recognise Bosnian independence when it was declered against the will of the bosnian Serbs ? Ok, now RS will declare independence, and then we will see this argument of yours.

Dont worry guys Slovenia has similar situation like Serbia. Koroška the cradle of Slovene history, culture and language is also under foregin rule (Osterajh). We also dont have Porabje (Hungary) also much of Goriška and entire area of Beneška Slovenija is under Italy;

We south slavs never had much luck. Our area was always place of wars. Balkan was always important strategic place in all major civil wars of Roman Empire. Later in time foregin invaders needed balkan yet again in order to invade Eastern or Westrn Empire. Medieval age was full of treacherous wars between Austria, Hungary, Byzantine empire and Ottoman Turkey etc.

The story about Koroska Slovenes is a sad one indeed. I undestand that they would rather live in Austria than in Communism, but that was really shortsighted. Now there aren't any chance of getting those territories back.

The other part of your post I've already heard of virtually every nation, so I am not so sure anymore about that.