Strategic value of Slovenia is high. All major invasions into italian peninsula, either by opposing Roman Army or foregin invaders like, Hun's, Langobard's, Magyar's etc. were done via modern Slovenia.

Battle of the Frigidus was one among most important battles for the future of European history and it happened in area of modern Slovenia. That battle was like Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader scenario. ;D

Croatia and Slovenia were for 1000 years Austrian and/or Hungarian, so their allegiance even unwillingly was always to the 'germanic west' since they were only caressed by them, as well as their culture was largely influenced by the Austro-Hungarian one.

I cannot agree with this. First of all Austria wasn't a nation in modern sense but a cluster of duchies populated by Germanic people and Slavic people. Austria was not an ethnic state like modern states becouse there was no such thing as an ethnic state. Nobility was mixed Germanic-Slavic. For example in 12th century we have examples of nobles with Slavic (Slovene) names like; Sebigoj, Tešin, Negomir, Trdogoj, Rogič, Milo, Svetemir, Helic, Slavko, Valjhun, Preslav etc.

Later in time noble families like; Sonce, Lichtenberg-Janežič , Rohič, Ričan, Kristalnik, Herič, Smrekar, Plešavic, Naglič, Mušlic, Kanižar, Križanič, Palik, Maček, Pečavič etc. were important. Of course their surnames were writen in german orthography but their surnames are clearly slavic and they lived in Slovene populated lands.

During enthronement of carinthian duke, carinthian duke had to swear an oath in Carinthian Slovene dialect to a Carinthian Slovene peasant and he even slaped duke on his cheek's. Tell me where else in European history did some redneck peasant slap his duke? In Carinthian Slovenes part 1 you can see how that enthronement worked. Carinthian duke even had a priviledge to talk in Windisch (slovene) before Holy Roman Emperor. Also many "germanic" nobles spoke in Slovene language like example Bernhart von Spanheim. One "germanic" chronicler even wrote much of his book in Slovene language.

Germanic's influenced us in some ways but tell me which group of people or nation wasnt influenced by other people and other culture? I have never heard of such nation. Anyway this influence also worked vice versa becouse Austrian dialects are full of slavic words and german scholars agree that southern and middle Bavarian dialects are heavily influenced by slovene language. Also germanic Austrians have many traditions that are slovene or generaly slavic in nature.

Altho Habsburgs were "germanic" emperors of Slovene lands and Croatian kingdom that dosent mean we didnt have any less freedom and our ancestor had same rights or even more rights than people with their "own" kings and kingdoms. King is a king and it dosent matter if he is Slovene or Chinese. They were all same suckers.