Bare in mind that the people's referendum makes something 'perfectly legal' when RS holds one. Even if it's against the constitution, like the referendum you were speaking about was. (BiH had three constituent nations, one boycotts they all boycott.)

This was Yugoslavia, BiH didn't have 3 constituent nations. The BiH government of Yugoslavia decided to hold a referendum because so many people in Bosnia and Herzegovina wanted to be independent like Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia. Most of the Serbs in Bosnia didn't vote, maybe if they did they could have prevented Bosnia's independence for a while until it would break away peacefully like Macedonia did.

Kosovo is in Serbia, not in the RS. Politically RS and Serbia are two separate states, Serbia can claim Mars for all RS cares since they don't share the same government.

I already know this. But if Serbia encourages or recognises RS' independence than they'd have to recognise Kosovo (which isn't a good move by the Serbian government). And I think there is already a Serbian organisation that claims Mars ;D