I believe you know of Yugoslavia only by the stories from the TV (Hayat and FTV I presume).

I don't watch Bosnian TV.

36% of the population was against it, which even belonged to a constituent nation. It was more than one third of the nation that were against the muslim nationalist uprising lead by Alija Izetbegovic. A man that aided nazis (Ustasha's and SS Handzar's) in the WW2, that was imprisoned because of his Islamistic propaganda (even attacking Turkey! for not being 'muslim' enough – Islamic Declaration by Alija Izetbegovic). All this information was very well known before the war.

Believe me when I say, that not one person on this forum would sit with his arms crossed, when a nazi-quisling and a convicted pan-islamist illegally takes the presidential seat and starts rallying his mudjaheedins. For a normal Yugoslav, which won the WW2 against the nazis, and were against any religious fanatism especially Islamism on European soil, against which they historically fought… Alija Izetbegovic was the devil himself, and now this figure all of a sudden suits himself 'president' over a territory on which only 30% is inhabited by Bosniaks, because they went 'hardcore muslim again' after 50 years of lies.

What hardcore Islamists? They all came from the Middle-East. The BiH Army from 92-95 was the most ethnically mixed between the Bosnian Serb, Croatian and Bosnians Armies. I don't think regular Bosnians cared who would become president, as long as they wanted independence and peace afterwards. Izetbegovic complained he was being forced to choose between two sides. All he wanted was a unified Bosnian state, but because of the war in neigbouring Croatia and the demands of the Serbs in Bosnia, he was almost being forced into a war. Izetbegovic once said "I would sacrifice peace for a sovereign Bosnia-Herzegovina … but for that peace in Bosnia-Herzegovina I would not sacrifice sovereignty", so it was clear he would choose war if it meant keeping a unified Bosnia, he also feared that because Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia left, Bosnian Muslims would become a very small minority in a soon to be Serb-dominated Yugoslavia and feared Bosnian Muslims (and Croats to a lesser extent) would be underrepresented, so to him, if Yugoslavia was only going to be Bosnia, Montenegro and Serbia left, he would rather break away form that Yugoslavia rather than feel "oppressed" (I think he was being a bit melodramatic here). But he was kinda right, in Serbia, Bosniaks are not treated equally to Serbs and some other minorities, on paper everyone is equal, but in practice it isn't so. And it's not just Bosniaks in Serbia, but Bulgarians and Romanians as well (and recently Albanians, they probably experienced the worst)

The Bosnian War was not religious in nature, as it progressed it began to be viewed as a religious war, and with this the Bosnian and Bosnian Serb army became more ethnically homogeneous. The Bosnian government wasn't looking to set up some sort of Islamic republic (Izetbegovic didn't have the support), they were seeking a multi-ethnic, secular Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This is THE reason why there was war.

THE reason why the Bosnian War began was because shit hit the fan and people were panicking. Bosnian Muslims were okay with living in Yugoslavia if Slovenia, Croatia and Macedonia remained (because then it would truly be multi-ethnic), but instead, most (not all) Bosnian Muslims feared they would have the same rights and representation in the new Yugoslavia so they rather be independent than dominated. Especially with Milosevic in power (who tried to kick out Albanians from Kosovo by force), Bosnian Muslims felt they were going to be targeted by this man for simply for being Muslim and of different a ethnicity. In theory, Bosnia would never be the first to separate from Yugoslavia.