So I believe you understand the view of other people as well. Like the saying goes: 'It is easy to be a general after the battle.'

"I would sacrifice peace for a sovereign Bosnia-Herzegovina … but for that peace in Bosnia-Herzegovina I would not sacrifice sovereignty"

Is a call to spill blood, coming from a man that was imprisoned for helping nazi SS Handzar divisions in WW2 which commited genocide against the Serbs and spend time in prison for publishing Islamic propaganda (no it isn't made up, this guy really did all those things). Believe me in heated moments this individual was the worst person one can put as a representative of ANY ideology (a nazi ottoman islamist is something Serbs perceive as a mutant made in hell), even if it's "let's all live along and be good to each other", which it wasn't, instead of it, it was "we would sacrifice peace for muslim Bosnia" (not multi-ethnic since not all ethnicities were for separation, more than one third was against it).

The Bosnian government wasn't looking to set up some sort of Islamic republic (Izetbegovic didn't have the support), they were seeking a multi-ethnic, secular Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In our eyes everyone that supported that figure had to be an anti-Yugoslav islamist, else no sane man would support such a radical, no matter what flower-power crap he produced from his mouth, he was firing at the police and the regular army, such actions are called terrorism, no matter do you believe it was 'just' because they were only Serbs (such things are called with even worse names). Btw. one doesn't seek 'multi-ethnic secular states' by inviting mujaheedins from Arabia to shoot on other ethnicities, it is a wrong approach by handling such matters.

The war is over and I hope people learned something from it, muslims/Bosniaks didn't want to live under Belgrade rule since it was Serb dominated, fine now they have muslim Sarajevo.

RS didn't want to live under Sarajevo rule since it's muslim dominated, fine now they have Banja Luka. BiH separated in the 90's through a bloody civil war, if Yugoslavia couldn't survive which foundation was 'Brotherhood and Unity' what makes you believe BiH will ever function as a state which foundation was 'ethnic cleansing of all parties involved'.

I find your emmigrant Yugo-Bosno-Nostalgia sweet, but naive to the core, because you always manage to forget one but essential thing… There was war, the trust needed for building any union is broken for at least next 50 years if no war comes before it.

You'll eventually get your pure Bosniak Bosnia, but not in the boundaries that are now, Croats and Serbs will eventually split up. Sarajevo is unable to handle it's own Bosniaks, far from handling two other nations that were in war with them as well as each other and are politically more stable, experienced and older than a nation that is few years older than I am.

Politics has nothing to do with wishful thinking (this laws, that agreement, this constitution), Serbs learned that the hard way (everything in the war was illegal: Croatia, BiH, Kosovo, but was made legal by the righteous west and it's support for 'the freedom of the people'). Bosniaks have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes, unfortunately they are constantly missing the lesson.