The bosniaks would do better alone without serbs and croats obstructing. I think many bosniaks know and feel like this.

Not all Bosniaks. I would hate to see Serbs and Croats leave Bosnia, and I'd hate to see Bosnia and Herzegovina torn apart by ethnic hatred. If you guys separated, RS would become our Kosovo (and if a superpower helps you guys, then there's no chance of RS coming back).

Bosnia and Hercegovina is a construct. VrhBosna is the "real Bosna" it's a small land compromising Sarajevo and areas around it. Tvrtko who was a semi serb/croat (mother croat and father serb or vice versa) expanded. He saw himself as king over Bosnia, Dalmacija, Croats and Serbs. There are no "Bosnjaks, or Bosnjanin" in there.

Anyway. BiH got a government after aproximately one year of bickering. It's not the right way to keep the country intact. Soz. No hate but I'm tired too se them trying to force som neo-.yugoslavianism on them. It's my family and yours living there that has to take all the crap we expats think of.