that theory is old and outdated, besides, we dont need to prove anything lol, that was the funny part.

You dont need to prove it now because you became sure in your Slavic identity etc. but some Croatians from the past tried with all their power to prove that Croats are actually non-Slavs but Goths, Persians etc. That is because Serbia became little Russia in the 19. century, Russian politics supported Serbian Slavism in the Balkans and Serbs did not have any limits to push their national agenda. Many peoples were threatened with this ,including Croats, so new solutions for meta-ethnicity had to be found. WE should not ignore that even now there are many Croats who believe that they are not Slavs but that is because of another reason, after the war the hatred for the Serbs grew so people dont want to be in the same stock with them.

In the case of the Bosnian muslims its the same thing, they will use anything to distance themselves from the Serbs, even false genetic researches. It seems that only rare people in the Balkans can understand the difference between genes and ethnicity. There is no such a thing as "Slavic genes" or "Illyrian" ones. The funny thing in this is that modern Illyrians try to push forward their stupid ideas with quotes form people who in the 19. century called Bosniaks Illyrians. Thats an epic fail. In that time, Illyrian name was used for the south Slavs and old Illyrians were considered Slavic too.

Nice example:

“Početak, napredak i vrednost literature ilirske”, Dragutin Seljan, 1840. godine:

“ U Tursko- Ilirskih deržavah , Bosni i Bugarskoj imade gotovo polovica Turakah, nu ovde se med Turke imadu računati samo naslednici vere i zakona turskoga; jer su inače svi Bošnjaci po kervi i jeziku od starinah Iliri- Slavjani. “

In english: " In turkish-Illyrian states ( under the Ottoman control) Bosnia and Bulgaria, almost half of the population is Turkish but here we can count as Turks only the adherents of the turkish faith and law because all Bosniaks by their blood and language are from the old ages Illyrians-Slavs. "

Turkish (Bosniaks)

Those who claim to be Turks/Ottomans are not thinking of ethnicity but of turkish islamic state. The funny thing is that most of them are buying the Illrian theory. :D Illyrian Ottomans of Slavic language. What a bunch of fools and idiots.


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