Well said, Zrkadlo.

Anyway, there is no such thing anymore as Illyrians, Goths or Sarmatians anymore, only their blood remains.
Therir languages, their cultures and their identity were swallowed up by stronger and dominant Slavs.
Now, South Slavs are Slavs and not some or other older ethnicity that was assimilated in medieval times.

Bosnians are Slavs. They speak Slavic language. They consider themselves Slavic people. This stupid movements to try and be someone else is quite pathetic. WHY? Slavs conquered almost half of Europe and reached Pacific Ocean! Why do this movements wish they were some inferior tribe that was conquered and forgotten centuries ago instead of glorious Slavic people?

This stupid Bosniak extremist muslims who claim they are Illyrian should piss off out of Slavic land and go to some other planet where their is country called "Illyria", because it's not here on planet earth! BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE!!!

And that is all I will say…


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