Hitler was most likely a crypto-jew. He confirmedly had Jewish DNA and was lifted to power by Jewish big business.

but it's on us, the nations of the so-called "borderland" to decide our fate. The key to guarantee our safety and above all our independence from both the East and the West is the formation of a Baltic-Black Sea-alliance (I advocated this idea already a million times on this board). We must do everything that one day people from Tallinn down to Izmajil and from Luhansk to Szczecin can say to both East and West "Screw you, it's our time now".

This, I fully subscribe to. We must not accept fate from without, but create our own fate from within. Man has become great through perpetual struggle. In peace, his greatness must decline.

No one on earth has the right to decide our fate and impose their rule or their influence on us – unless we simply let it happen without acting against it. Thus it is of high importance that we first combat the lethargy among our peoples.


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