Hitler was most likely a crypto-jew. He confirmedly had Jewish DNA and was lifted to power by Jewish big business.

Hitler did take money from big business, including from Zionists, but he needed all he could get at first. Notice that he de-judaized Germany almost fully and it was all through clever administration (that many Jews at the time supported) contrary to all of the terror stories that we hear non-stop about "the devil."

Also, one could claim that Hitler's ambitions and their results ultimately ended up serving Zionism, but you must see that Hitler didn't just lose a military war, he also lost a propaganda war and it is the latter's whose effects are felt to this day more than the former. The man has been demonized beyond all recognition. I do not support deifying Hitler nor am I too fond of excessive Third Reich nostalgia, but Hitler has yet to be rationally studied. The transformation of Germany from economic trash heap to powerhouse via his policies is simply astounding. He redefined work and money and life, and until the war started, for Germans at least, it was something amazing to behold.

Now we have nonstop bickering and bullshitting about money and it is all due to it being fake paper money and it is Jewish owned banks that control the majority of it, since all these banks are based on a fundamental that was initially thought of by Jews – manipulative moneychanging. They've been doing it since the times of Christ. Whether you believe in Jesus or not, the story itself is 2000 years old and it clearly describes Christ chasing the Jewish moneychangers out of the temple with a whip… actually happened or not, the idea of dealing with usurers has been around for a long time and Hitler is the only one to truly emulate it.

Economics wise, NS policy must be rationally studied and applied for a good future. Chaos will reign otherwise.


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