I am not surprised at all. First of all, some structures in power are always saying to people that everything is OK, that they live in prosperity but inner sense says otherwise. People are witnessing the collapse of society. Modern entertainment industry also has its fingers in it, Hollywood movies present ideal life which is not reachable for most humans on this planet. So called American dream is a very known fallacy. Human filth and trash are also promoted constantly, movies full of violence, slaughter, homosexuality and in which the main point is how to steal money to live happily forever after in Hawaii. Another thing is that everyday in news you hear things like " mine collapsed in China, 30 dead", " new hunger in Africa, children dying", " death", " flood", " terrorist attack", " global threat", " hurricane", " economic crisis" etc.
When you work hard all day just to feed the children and pay bills and after work turn on the TV just to get you asleep and hear stuff like this then its no wonder that people are sick.


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