There were no atrocities,  :D :D :D

And btw lately some drunken Poles wrote "Jaworina jest nasza" on some wall in Javorina.

In case others do not know, Javorina is a very little valley with a little village in Slovakia and the reason of a land dispute between PL and SK  :D :D ;D

Sorry, but some drunken idiots are not some raeson why Poles and Slovaks should hate each another. Anyway, this particular"event"occured in SME and also other newspaper and still there is no hatred among us, or is there anyting I am not informed about?

And please to a moderator, this discussion moved far from original theme, remove it , thus the Rzeczpospolita can be discuissed.
I reccomend to create a new theme where problems within our Slavic comunty in general can be discussed. The problems our nationalities see in general. Somewhere in battleground thread


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