You make some fair points. The PLC is a great part of history, but it should remain history. A confederation of Slavic nations today, as opposed to the old style empire, would be much better. And Poland is the most ethnically homogenous country in Europe. I hope Poland doesn't get swamped with immigrants. As things improve, and the country starts to look better and better, there should be anticipation of immigration and a policy drawn up.

But remember – during interwar period, Poland still were multinational – we had here Belarusians, western Ukrainians, Lithuanians, many Jews and Germans. Today's homogeneity is effect of actions after war under USSR command and commie governments (but still final voice had here "uncle Joe"), and postwar division of Europe.

For example
/Expulsion o Germans after World War II
and later:
Operation Vistula

Yes, Operation Vistula was polish action, but remember, we was then under communist rule, and many of polish families suffered after resettlement their relatives and friends from childhood to another country.

I think that Davies could have right with our current "unnatural"(homogenous) state, because even after 123 years of captivity, we was still multi, and our present state was impose by force

PS. If there are some mistakes, please correct it. I'm so tired and I don't think now, so it's time to sleep!


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