There was some fighting between Czechoslovakia and Poland, and Slovakia even declared war on Poland.
I am not sure whether the declaration was abolished or is still in effect  ;D

Yes, but this fighting between Poland and Czechoslovakia was only seen in 1919 and only in interwar years was borders questioned.
During and after WWII all of this nonsense stopped. Slovakia was simply Hitler's ally and Poland was Hitler's enemy.
So as far as me as Pole is concerned, no hard feelings at all. I doubt any Poles feel different from me, even ultra nationalists.
Pepiki ( ;D) will always be our little brothers and comparing anything from this region to South Slav wars is pointless.

Sure, there were some atrocities in the past. But are Slovaks And Poles somewhere fighting the same way as Serbs/Croats or Russians/Ukrainians? We are now over those atrocities, or do you feel any hate against poles? I dont thik so :)

Atrocities? ??? That's something we West Slavs can proudly say we avoided. Worst one I can think of is probably:

And btw lately some drunken Poles wrote "Jaworina jest nasza" on some wall in Javorina.

Very brutal, I know. :D

Anyway, this particular"event"occured in SME and also other newspaper and still there is no hatred among us, or is there anyting I am not informed about?

There is nothing to be informed about because there is no hatred between Poles, Czechs and Slovaks.
Worst thing happening today is perhaps that Poles find sound of Czech and Slovak languages little bit funny, like little Polish children. ;D

And please to a moderator, this discussion moved far from original theme, remove it , thus the Rzeczpospolita can be discuissed.
I reccomend to create a new theme where problems within our Slavic comunty in general can be discussed. The problems our nationalities see in general. Somewhere in battleground thread

I was going to split topic after I posted this reply, since it did go OT little bit, but Pentaz beat me to it.


No mistakes there, brother. All 100% correct. ;)

Operation Vistula and the expulsions of Germans, along with similar actions, basically defined the current nation state in Eastern Europe. Ethically they were wrong, forced resettlement and all, but I can't say that they didn't lend to stability. There was so much nationalism during and after the war that it probably worked out that most ended up amongst their ethnic kin.

Of course it worked out. There is just no possibility of ethnic conflicts anymore with everyone being in their own countries.
Worst that can happen is nationalists claiming lands now found in other countries, but nothing will go beyond that IMO.


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