Ah Central Europe, yes. Come to think of it, I have heard West Slavia put there, just nearly not as much as I am used to hearing PL, CZ and SK being in Eastern Europe. I actually checked into a Parisian hotel a few years ago ad they were doing a survey from where their guests were from and there was no PL, CZ or SK, just "europe orientale" – Eastern Europe. But that was in like 2004.

It seems to me that Muscovite ambitions, especially Putin's, are very much a reflection of the old Prussian attitude, which is just to make everyone around them by their standard. A sort of Russian "Kulturkampf."

I think most Slavs just wish to see their nations cooperating positively… the age of empire via conquest is over. At least I hope that in Slavic Europe it is. We don't need to be at each others' throats anymore.


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