How did the Orthodox population in Albania emerge?  I thought Albania was Catholic in the 1440s?

Similiar to Bosnia in some ways which was also Catholic (Gnostic minorities) and converted to Islam.

Would like to see references to that.

[td]Catholicism was in the north and sporadically on the coast (Italian influence) Slovenia and Croatia. Orthodoxy was dominant on the south and in the continental parts. Prior to the Ottomans, Bosnia was mixed being a puffer between the catholic Franks (later on Austro-Hungarians) and their influence and the orthodox South Slavs and Byzantium, but orthodoxy was dominant not catholicism, hence you only have 10% of catholics in Bosnia today.

Gnostic minorities you mentioned, are I presume the Bogumils or Patareni, which were an orthodox christian sect orginated in Bulgaria, that spread towards Serbia. They were persecuted and expelled to the north for not willing to pay taxes, settling in the "no-man's-land" between the catholic and the orthodox influence sphere (Bosnia), untill they were wiped out in the course of the Hungarian crusades under the assumption of heresy.

The peninsula was dominated by three Eastern Empires: Byzantine, Bulgarian and Serbian. That is how orthodoxy "emerged" there. It didn't only emerge, but orginated, especially the Slavic Christianity (Bulgarian, Serbian -> Russian).[/td]
[size=8pt]The Balkans prior to the Ottoman occupation[/size]
[img height=300]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/7/7d/Empire_de_Du%C5%A1an.svg/540px-Empire_de_Du%C5%A1an.svg.png” />

Actually, this is a map of the Balkans before Ottoman occupation;


Some of these statelets were vassals of the Ottomans, such as Marko's realm.