@”Stevan Petkov” all of what you just said is very naive, but you look like a young lad so its normal.

Hate is product of uncertainty and infirmity. People hate because they are afraid of something/someone. Mostly afraid someone not to be better then they are, and thus take their place(just about everywhere where it matters – school/work/personal life).

Reforming the languages at this point would be very hard, as there are too many people, and not too many willing to learn new language(remember Europe is the continent of the old, if you exclude Albania, I think each country is older then 35).

If you want to promote Slavic mythology to the kids you don’t need to teach them in schools. I’m pretty sure if you ask some random kid on the street that it won’t know who Baal, Nyx and/or Janus were, so what they learn about Classic Greek/Roman/Eastern mythology is irrelevant. Only relevant thing for modern kids is games/social networks. If someone tries to promote mythology to the kids then it would be through the video games.

In reality any kind of Slavic federation/state would happen if some countries are rich, but “kind hearted”(that is have some interest) and others too poor. Then there would be some sort of union/confederation, whatever, as in the last few decades money is the main engine.


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