@slavserbia how was he a Serbian inventor? He was a Serb, no doubt about that, but how was he a Serbian inventor? He was born in Kingdom of Croatia (within Austro-Hungarian Empire) where he got his basic education. He got his further education in Graz (present day Austria) and Prague (present day Czech republic). While studying he applied two times for Matica Srpska scholarship, both times he was rejected. He visited Serbia one time in his entire lifetime, in 1892, when he was already recognized as an inventor and he stayed here for only two days. Serbia gave nothing to him. Austro-Hungarian Empire provided education, USA provided conditions and opportunities for his greatest inventions.

I’m not saying Serbs shouldn’t be proud of him, you should, but you shouldn’t be so exclusive when talking about him. Tesla surely spins like a propeller in his grave when Serbs and Croats start debating about him. Discuss his work not his place of birth and ethnicity if you truly are proud and want to honor him.


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