The greek member will tell you that we have nothing in common culturally. Genetically we share similiraties, but the greeks should be compared with italians, iberians, southern french, not with us

I meant, orthodox round buildings, similar terrain, mutual history for few centuries, similar phenotypes and faces (same thing as the Croat-Hungarian similarities and same impression from other people thinking of our countries even thought we are Slavic and they're Magyar)… those small things give such an impression…thought of course Greeks are Hellenes, while Bulgarians are Slavic.

I've spent my vacation this summer in Asprovalta and Stavros, Northern Greece.
To be honest greeks get along much better with serbs than with bulgarians. This is my impression They are also orthodoxy brothers, I even bought myself a tshirt written ( Paok – Partizan Orthodoxy brothers)

However I like both serbs and greeks, what I want is to pass from the stage of rivalry into the stage of  mutual understanding and cooperation like the french and the german did.


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