To be honest greeks get along much better with serbs than with bulgarians. This is my impression They are also orthodoxy brothers, I even bought myself a tshirt written ( Paok – Partizan Orthodoxy brothers)

However I like both serbs and greeks, what I want is to pass from the stage of rivalry into the stage of  mutual understanding and cooperation like the french and the german did.

That is because we don't have a common border :).

Serbs and Bulgarians have traditionally more than a lot in common. Intermarriage in the both of the medieval dynasties happend mostly between Serbs and Bulgarians. The father of the Serbian church died in Bulgaria, as well as one of our old kings has its tomb in Sredec.

The relationship cooled down mostly because of what we know as '4 days of disgrace'. A stupid war that Serbia started against Bulgaria 1885. The reason was actually the greed of one of our worst kings (got expelled eventually, his son was not so lucky). Serbs thought they are going to help the Bulgarian brothers in their fight against the Ottomans, after they entered Bulgaria, the king issued a command that not the Turks but the Bulgarians should be attacked. Most Serbs denied to fight and went home.

Our loss was just, unfortunately the trust was broken and the relationship cooled down to this day. Eventually we found ourselves in every great war on opposite sides of the battlefield.

The relationship should be rebuilt, for the Serbs the Bulgarians are the only Slavs on the peninsula they look with some respect, since we have the same history as well as tradition, went through all the hardships together.

There is a saying in Serbia when asked about Bulgaria (apart from the typical 'backstabbers' :) )… "Znamo se al' se ne poznajemo."


P.S. Of course you are Slavic, you were the first Slavic empire. If that is not enough to be called Slavic, nothing is. You more than anyone coined the term 'Slavic'.[/li]