It is the same all along the former Eastern Bloc.
Unresponsibility and post-revolutionary craze for everything Western have caused this.

Big shopping centres damage economy of our countries because it is so hard to do business with them – for example, if you have a bakery and want your bread to be put on a shelf in Tesco you must first pay high fee (I think it was some 2000€ at some point); and small bakeries can hardly afford to throw out such amount of money.

No country in the West would allow such an economic disaster to happen – you usually have only two or three supermarket chains there and finito.

Solution? Do not support that damned Tesco, Carrefour or similar crap. We buy from small local groceries etc. if possible, and we try to avoid imported goods, especially Chinese or Polish.
Indeed, Poland has too liberal laws concerning food and producing. For example, chicken meat is frozen in water instead of cold air. And so out of 1kg of "meat" there is actually 30% of water. And since it is cheaper, and homeland economic policies in Slovakia are so fucked up it is actually hard to find a product with "Vyrobené na Slovensku" in any shop.
And so on.


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