This is the GREATEST THREAT SLAVIC WORLD is faceing. Our countrys are turning into nations of shopkeepers, we don't produce anything and as any economist will tell you that 20 shopkeeper jobs are worth one productive/factory job.

If there will be a Slavic Union and if we want to secure future dependent on none and prosperety for our children we need to start opening factories and throw out that toxic shit which flood our stores from pissskin land >:(

We should make tax break's for industry. Also we need to modernise our industry, basicaly most of Slovene industry went abroad becouse there are to big taxe's and becouse of old technology. But corruption is still main reason for all this shit. People with power any money dont want to invest in people who invented great thing's. Many inventions have been sold to foreginers becouse our mafia buerocracy didnt want to invest in them.