Is there any connection between Sarmatians and proto-slavs?

in terms of language and a few parts of ancient culture they were close to each other

Slavic language belongs to a family of IE languages found in Europe. The origins of Slavic speakers should be among ancient Europeans.

Slavs were settled people, whereas Sarmatians were nomads living in the steppes. The two groups of people belonged to different cultures. Sarmatians and Slavs met in a place settled by Slavs into which Iranic speaking peoples (possibly Sarmatians) moved or pushed by their enemies. One such group of pople consisted of Slavs and Iranic speaking peoples were the Antes people accounted in historical chronicles by Procopius and Jordanes. The Antes lived between Dnieper and Dniester Rivers in 6-7th century: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antes_people