Sarmatians had R1a haplogroup as Slavic people have. Sarmatians lived at same area as Slavic people.

Did historians find Sarmatians remains doing DNA tests to confirm they had R1a haplogroup? Some historians are stating that Sarmatians were a union of tribes, so some Sarmatians may had R1a, while others didn't. They were unlikely to be genetically homogeneous. Besides, there are different subclades in R1a haplogroup which diverged long before Sarmatians were around.

It's widely accepted Ossetians are descendents of Iranic speaking that lived in Pontic-Caspian steppes. Modern-day Ossetians lack R1a haplogroup in significant numbers. But there are many people living from northern India to Central Europe having R1a haplogroup which is a truly Indo-European haplogroup.  ;) So, maybe R1a was prevalent in Sarmatian populations. Who knows?

So Sarmatians dont disappeared ,they are living among us until today ;).

I didn't mean Sarmatian genes disappeared. Their genes were inherited, as the genes of so many other people who lived in the past. The question is which Slavs inherited Sarmatian genes and how much of their genes were inherited. Antes is a good choice to be a mix of Slavs and Sarmatians.  :) Moreover, Sarmatians were nomads, while Slavs were settled people. The populations of settled farmers were usually larger than those of nomads roaming the steppes or hunter-gatherers living in the north. Anyway, I meant the term Sarmatian disappeared from historical chronicles.